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NEW ERA IN HEATING! Offered by our company heating system is based on a highly advanced nanotechnology (nano carbon tubes), which under the influence of electricity produce infrared radiation – identical to sunlight, which is the most human friendly. The main component of our L-THERM HEATPLUS heating system is heating foil, which is an extremely durable material, and its lifetime can exceed 100 years. Warranty, which we give to the foil – with proper installation and operation is 15 years. Heating foil is extremely thin. Its thickness is 0.338 mm, and in the thickest point does not exceed 0.5 mm. The production of our foil is patente and reserved. Here is an environmentall-, eco-friendly product working on the basis of pure energy!

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L-THERM HEATPLUS  Eco Heating forms relatively large heating surfaces that generate evenly distributed heat, which gives a sense of comfort. In addition, the heating foil is located directly under the surface of the wall, floor or ceiling which allows a very fast response and dynamic thermal system, reducing to a minimum the time nedeed to warm the room. This saves time and money. Even greater efficiency is achieved through digital thermostat system, which is very friendly to use, allowing you to set comfort or thrifty mode, which automatically protect the environment.

Economical Heating

We have achieved high performance in combination with a fast and environmentally friendly heating. Rapid heating of coal on the surface of the foil generates a lot of infrared hea. Compared to standard methods of heating, the foil provide a much better effect on the heating at relatively low temperatures. Our foil have a simple design and high durability.

L-THERM HEATPLUS heating film technology is suitable as a basic heating or – if necessary, as a supplementary heating in all types of buildings. Our system provides a comfortable heating and heat at a high level needed not only in the room, apartment, home, but also in hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers and administrative, kindergartens, hospitals, sports facilities, agricultural buildings and wherever it is required heat.

L-THERM_KAMERA-engL-THERM HEATPLUS is not only interested in profit. In a rapidly changing world, we recognize the importance of the environment, we strive to develop products to satisfy mankind, giving the heating technique based on a new basis. L-THERM HEATPLUS heating foils are produced on polyester (PET), which is a very good insulation and waterproof. Bi-component fibers improve the strength and insulating properties. PET bicomponent fibers form a film-coated base layer combined with a layer of silver atoms. L-THERM HEATPLUS foil is produced thanks to polyester film synthesized from polyethylene resin. The application process uses a precision technology (nanotechnology), allowing to obtain a thickness of less than one micron. After 72 hours, laminated at 70 degrees, the heating foil is almost indefinite (semi-permanent material).

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