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L-THERM HEATPLUS technology is the source of healthy  heat and is biologically optimal for our body. This is due to the fact that the emitted infrared radiation (far infrared) is the most friendly to the human body, identical to solar heating. As said, the use of infrared virtually eliminates air circulation, and thus reduces the amount of circulating dust. This is an important advantage of hygienic, especially for allergy sufferers. Also, no dust generated by any open air circulation. Infrared radiation ionizes the air negatively. This ionization have positive influence on mood and psychomotor performance and relaxes. For this reason, infrared is used in salons and wellness, and from some time to heat incubators for newborns.

Based on the results of the study, the IR emitted from the L-THERM HEATPLUS heating foil improves air quality, and exhibits antibacterial efficacy over 70%. Furthermore, it produces undesirable electromagnetic radiation.

IMPORTANT: This has nothing to do with ultraviolet light, or any other type of harmful radiation. In medicine, the infrared is used in areas such as surgery, dentistry, infrared sauna, etc, which confirms its beneficial effects on the body.

We offer friendly heating system that is not just for people with allergies. The infrared radiation stimulates blood circulation – which is friendly for the elderly. Therefore, the use of this type of heating is preferred in hospitals, nurseries, kindergartens, homes or apartments and wherever the need of healthy heating and friendly warmth is visibile.


No smoke, no sound, and the lack of any vibration. Also, no dust generated by any open air circulation. This is the best product for hospitals or for care facilities that require absolute purity. Environment friendly energy – no side effects and no effect on the human body.


You do not neeed any flame to turn on the heating. Open flame should not be used at home, so there is no danger of accidents with carbon dioxide. You do not have to worry about the heating system will freeze in winter.