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Significant energy savings

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L-THERM HEATPLUS  Eco Heating forms relatively large heating surfaces that generate evenly distributed heat, which gives a sense of comfort. In addition, the heating foil is located directly under the surface of the wall, floor or ceiling which allows a very fast response and dynamic thermal system, reducing to a minimum the time nedeed to warm the room. This saves time and money. Even greater efficiency is achieved through digital thermostat system, which is very friendly to use, allowing you to set comfort or thrifty mode, which automatically protect the environment. If L-THERM HEATPLUS is powerde by power produced in an environmentally way, the user receives heating solution do not emit carbon dioxide.

L-THERM HEATPLUS infrared heating is economical and more beneficial than other alternative forms of heating. Compared to conventional electric heaters can achieve economic savings to 40%.

Even more savings we get by installing management system “smart house”.

Heating foil used in our system has a very high thermal radiation efficiency (above 98%), which minimizes energy costs. Heating foil also support partial heating. If not necessary, the heating area is minimized to reduce total cost (separate control of each room).


We have achieved high performance in combination with a fast and environmentally friendly heating. Rapid heating of coal on the surface of the foil generates a lot of infrared hea. Compared to standard methods of heating, the foil provide a much better effect on the heating at relatively low temperatures. Our foil have a simple design and high durability. As a regular element can be used in places where there is a large local pressure on the floor, such as a gym. You do not have to worry about any maintenance – this system does not require it. Simplicity can literally dismantling the moment to move the system to a different location, so when you move, you can take it with you.