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Wide range of possibilities

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L-THERM HEATPLUS heating film technology is suitable as a basic heating or – if necessary, as a supplementary heating in all types of buildings. Our system provides a comfortable heating and heat at a high level needed not only in the room, apartment, home, but also in hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers and administrative, kindergartens, hospitals, sports facilities, agricultural buildings and wherever it is required heat.

Technology L-THERM HEATPLUS is not limited in the choice of conditions. It can be used on any surface, regardless of whether they are:


L-THERM HEATPLUS can be installed not only on the floor, but also on the ceiling and walls, which shows the versatility of this type of product. Our system is installed in:

Commercial centers
Kitchen – ceramic tiles
Bathroom – ceramic tiles
Living room – carpet / floor
Nursery – laminate flooring

Hotel, Motel, Dormitory etc.
hotel One main controller is possible to control heating of the rooms, is  easy to manage, Since warming is done in a short period of time, there is no need for unwanted preheating. We don’t need boiler room so it’s possible to make spacious and comfortable production, It will save much more costs as systems only heats the necessary spaces
Office, Apartments
biuro Without another equipment, space and inconvenient fuel injection, it can make room warm and a comfortable environment
restauracja Unlike using fan for heating, far infrared heating does not only gives a comfortable feelings but also increases the sales as a point of differentiation, heating expences are more reduced as heating is only done in the required space.

old-house-436486_1280 This is the best alternative to heating in areas difficult to incoming city gas, Light and easy to move, there is no worry of trouble. You will be able to provide a more comfortable and healthy environment as using far-infrared rays and negative ions.

przedszkole We can provide warm activity space for children only with floor heating, unlike fan heating, it is the best way of heating without smell or noise and gives a comfortable  and a good educational environment to our children as using fresh air and far-infrared system.

szpital It emits far-infrared ray which is good for patient’s health and you will able to keep comfortable indoor  condition at a low electricity cost. This is fresh energry.

Churchs, Temples, etc.
kosciol As a comfortable feeling and far-infrared effect, providessatisfaction of visistor unlike the use fan heater.

balkon Heating can be lightweight without legal conflict during heating of apartment balcony, less construction cost than conventional methods.

Summer houses
pensjonat Electrical installation can be anywhere if lightweight is connected. Light, easy to install and move.

Mobile Houses, Campings
ruchome We can lightly and conveniently install heating where there is a removable generator or electricity, mobile home and camping car.